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Woah. Sometimes you come back from a weekend trip to Geneva and discover that a doodle you posted to Instagram on Friday went viral…and that it is veeery similar to an existing comic. Kudos to Completely Serious Comics — I find their version funnier and it came out 7 months before mine. Please believe me when I say I have no desire to rip off other artists and I’m not dumb enough to pass off someone else’s work as my own in this day and age. I just have a friend right now who starts many a sentence like this and I fantasize about doing this exact thing to her. Thanks to the people who’ve been trying to make sure the folks at Completely Serious Comics get their due credit, and for the people who’ve been writing to tell me that my version of the joke is showing up uncredited around the interwebs. Credit is nice, but, obviously, I stake no claim to having this idea first, and it’s not like I’m trying to make the mad bucks with merchandise or anything. Let’s just stop starting our sentences like this, you know?

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