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Synthesizer Videos - Vintage Synthesizer And Contemporary Synths At Work
Our lives are surrounded by waves. What we see, what we hear and feel are all because of the wave interactions. By radiating at different frequencies, it creates different colours and sounds. And what we can sense are just a small fraction of the waves existed in the universe. Our lives have ups and downs, and just like the waves, one’s frequency is different to one another. The frequency that produce colour will not be able to produce sound and same thing happens vice versa. Some frequencies may produce vibrant colour, while some produce soothing sound. Find your frequencies. If you think you are colourless, you might be good at making sound. Because life is not all about things that can be seen, some things need to be felt. The combination of multiple frequencies is what makes we are who we are today. #vscocam #vsco #melbourne #melbournestreetseries #music #synth #synthesizer
by brainoutside

Bass station II, microbrute, space echo, maschine. Looks like a party.


#Repost from @ambientnotes —- This “context reverb” by @redpandalab is amazing. BTW if you didn’t win the giveaway last week, we’ve got something rad this week. Hint hint. Stay tuned. — Only using a @emersoncustom paramount, Volume Pedal and this @redpandalab reverb for effects… Going into my 77’ twin reverb using my 80’s American Strat.

TOP 1000 VST Plugins Free Downloads


had a few people interested in what i use to make beats….. im the type of person that can’t really share my entire recipe…
but here is a gift for you the top 1000 VST Plugins for free. Enjoy!!
TOP 1000+ best VST plug-in synths  today by MusicRadar users. The VST plug-in synth market is now incredibly varied and ridiculously large. You’ll find hundreds of instruments out there, each billed as more authentically analogue-sounding or more boundary-pushing than the last.

So how do you know which synths have got it where it counts? Which ones deliver the best user experience, have the best features and - most importantly of all - the finest quality sound?

What follows is our guide to the 1000+ best VST, AU and RTAS plug-in synths in the world today. Compiled over the course of several years, it’s been updated to reflect the market in 2013, and is bigger and better than ever.

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